Haier Super Match Low Static Ducted Indoor Units

Haier Super Match systems LSP Ducted indoor unit. Various combinations of indoor units. High wall, Console, Cassette & Ducted.

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Haier Super Match Low Static Ducted Indoor Units

Haier Super Match systems offer interchangeable indoor units.

The innovative design of Haier Air-conditioning Systems allows super quiet operation and increased airflow for maximum comfort.

The desired temperature is reached quickly and efficiently and then stabilised for ultimate comfort with Haier’s A-PAM DC inverter technology.


  • Evaporator Self Cleaning: In cooling or dehumidification mode operation, the dust on the evaporator is removed with the condensate water, and after the cooling has shut down the fan will continue to operate to dry the evaporator.


  • DC Evaporator Motor: Latest technology DC motor adopted instead of AC motors. DC motor requires reduced power to operate versus a typical AC motor. Built-in microprocessor allows for programmability and better control.
  • On/Off: On/Off control card can be managed by a simple on/off device such as a hotel card system
  • MEPS: Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) Conforms to Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS3823.2.2013


  • Auto Mode: Built-in microprocessor automatically detects room temperature and determines operation mode either heating or cooling.
  • Wi-Fi Control: Optional wi-Fi control from smart phone or tablet.
  • 4 Fan Speeds: Adoption of DC fan motor permits 4 fan speed control by the user.
  • Sleep mode: Temperature requirement shift during sleep, as we remain inactive. The system will adjust temperature and noise for a more comfort during sleep.
  • Dry Mode: Dry Mode concentrates on RH% humidity reduction and less on temperature.


  • Group Control: Connection of more than one indoor unit so they can operate as a group.
  • Central Control: Connection to a accessory central control device to allow independent operation of more than one device at a central location.
  • 24hr Timer: Built in timer
  • Child Lock: Prevent unauthorised operation
  • Self-diagnosis Function: Self diagnosis function. In the event of failure a error code will be displayed.
  • Adjustable Static Pressure: The wired controller can make simple adjustments for the 7.1 & 8.0 kW of (10, 30, 50 & 70Pa) whilst the 10, 12.5 & 14 kW has adjustments of 30 to 120Pa in order to maintain airflow or sound levels as required.
  • Consistent airflow: The indoor units contain up to 3 fans which can provide consistent airflow in different ductwork installations, enhancing comfort. No loss is airflow at increased static pressure installations.


  • Blue Fin Heat Exchanger:
    • Anti-corrosion coating on coils, longer life.
    • Super Hydrophilic: Improved heat exchange efficiency by 40%
  • Allows the system pressures to balance before attempting start of the compressor, to prevent damage and excessive power consumption.
  • Auto restart after power failure, in the event of a power outage.


  • Condensate Pump: Inbuilt condensate pump to elevate condensate to allow for flexible location of indoor unit.
  • Drain Connection: Condensate connection (gravity drain) can be can be left or right.
  • Ultra Slim: Ultra slim 185mm design. Design suited to minimise ceiling dimensions in multi story construction, or where ceiling height is limited.


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