Haier Super Match Console Air conditioner

Haier Super Match systems Hi-wall indoor unit. Various combinations of indoor units. High wall, Console, Cassette & Ducted.

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Category: Console, Multi Head

Reliable Evaporative Air Conditioning

Haier Super Match Console Air conditioner systems offer interchangeable indoor units. Connect one indoor unit or up to five with 1,000 possible indoor combinations. Model dependent.

Haier Super Match Console units use high quality and durable components that allow efficient energy usage, generate lower noise and ensure reliable operation.

  • Self Cleaning Evaporator
  • Auto-Mode
  • Soft Mode
  • Power Mode
  • Sleep Mode
  • Carpet Airflow – The airflow is directed upwards in cooling mode. The airflow is directed downwards in heating mode.
  • Blue Fin Heat Exchanger: The Haier new generation blue aluminum fin has an anti-corrosion coating making the unit more durable, while the super hydrophilic performance enhances the heat exchanging efficiency by 40%, saving energy, compared to non Blue Fin heat exchanger models.
  • 24hr Timer


Model: AF12AB1HRA

Capacity: 3.5kw Cooling & 3.8kw Heating

  • Cooling Capacity Range: 1.4 – 4.0kW
  • Heating Capacity Range: 1.4 – 4.1kW
  • Refrigerant R410a
  • Power Supply: 1ph / 240V
  • Liquid Line:  6.35mm / Suction Line: 9.52mm

5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

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