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Aqua Systems condensers reduce condenser water reticulation requirements by up to 50%.

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Hanwest Water Cooled Condensers

A/C & Refrigeration Industries largest range of stock of water cooled condensers and liquid chilling evaporators are available from Hanwest Pty Ltd.

Used by leading manufacturers of air conditioning equipment the energy saving Aqua Systems condensers reduce condenser water reticulation requirements by up to 50%. This results in smaller cooling towers, smaller size condenser water reticulation pipework and a reduction in the circulating pump motor size thereby reducing greenhouse emissions.

Heat exchangers are divided into the following categories:

Aqua Systems: Aqua Systems refrigerant to water heat exchangers are high efficiency heat exchangers for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. The patented design incorporates a unique tube geometry with extended surface tube that also has an internal spiral fin providing a high level of heat exchange efficiency.

Water Cooled Condensers
“S” series refrigerant to water condensers for fresh water installations.
“CN” series refrigerant to water condensers for Marine sea water, pool water or industrial installations

Liquid Chilling Evaporators
“S /LC” series liquid chilling evaporators for use with fresh water or non-corrosive low temperature brines.
“CN /LC” series liquid chilling evaporators for salt water, artesian water, brines and selected industrial fluids

Campbell heat exchange products are manufactured by Hanwest Pty Ltd and service the small equipment market sector. Suitable for air conditioning or refrigeration systems for cooling only applications there are several types available.

The Campbell heat exchangers can be manufactured to suit specialised equipment with custom sizes or tube arrangements to suit.

Models are also available with mechanically cleanable Titanium water tubes.

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