Harris Stay Brite #8 Silver Solder

Stay-Brite #8 (279oC Melting Point) vs Brown Tip (720oC Melting Point)

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Harris Stay Brite #8 Silver Solder

Stay-Brite #8 (279oC Melting Point) vs Brown Tip (720oC Melting Point)

Stay Brite #8 is a lead free solder engineered to provide a strong, ductile connection on copper, brass, steel, and stainless steel. The silver colour is also a good colour match to stainless steel.

Stay Brite #8 differs from Stay Brite as its higher silver content provides a melting range vs. Stay Brite’s single temperature melting point.

The melting range makes it suitable for soldering connections with a wider clearance. Stay Brite #8’s low temperature characteristic promotes capillary flow and less base metal distortion and oxidation.

Stay Brite #8 is often selected for residential HVAC tube connections as an alternative to brazing with 15% (Brown Tip) Silver Solder.

  • High Strength Silver Solder
  • Low melting temperature
  • Melting point 279oC
  • Sheer strength 10,600psi
  • Better Gap Fill
  • Lower Heat Stress
  • Solder up to 2/18” Copper Tube with MAPP Gas
  • Lower Heat stress on components

Harris Stay Clean paste flux are good choices for soldering copper and brass. Stay Clean liquid is an active flux that provides improved oxide removal and protection hen soldering ferrous metals. Remove flux residue upon completion.

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