Heldon Bi-Flow Filter Driers – Solder-in

Ideally suited to HFC refrigerants and POE/PAG oils, they do not strip compressor manufacturer’s oil additives.

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Heldon Bi-Flow Filter Driers – Solder-in

Heldon Bi-Flow Filter Driers offer the highest levels of protection for heat pump air-conditioning systems.

They are designed to remove moisture, acids and solid particles that can lead to premature component failure and harmful chemical reactions regardless of whether the air-conditioning demand is for heating or cooling.

The Heldon Bi-Flow Filter Driers employ a new and improved valve plate assembly that ensures all particles remain trapped once they are caught by the filter regardless of the refrigerant flow direction. The new valve plate design directs the refrigerant flow through the desiccant core from the outside, inwards at all times. This provides maximum Drying and Micron Filtration for the refrigerant whilst maintaining acceptable refrigerant flow rates through the filter drier.


  • Solid drier core construction with an optimised binding agent.
  • Pre and post core filters provide double the filtration and less chance of a total core blockage.
  • SDXB Standard Series – 100% Molecular Sieve.
  • Solid copper sweat or zinc plated flare connections.
  • Powder Coated shell rated at 4,200 kPa/600 psi (R410A compatible).
  • Valve plate employs compressor valve plate material for long life.


  • Larger & faster moisture uptake per cubic capacity of dessicant.
  • Maximum filtration without any nuisance breakdowns.
  • Ideal for POE oil systems, delivering the quickest moisture removal and the reduced risk of hydrolysis. Importantly, will not strip manufacturers oil additives.
  • Clean up after small burnout when space restrictions apply.
  • Easier to use and longer life.
  • Suitable for harsh environments and for high pressure applications.
  • Will provide years of trouble free, system protection.

Manufacturing Standards
Manufactured in accordance with AS 2971 and UL207
Safe Working Pressure: 4,200 kPa

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