Heldon Solid Core Liquid Line Filter Driers – Flare Fitting

Ideally suited to HFC refrigerants and POE/PAG oils, they do not strip compressor manufacturer’s oil additives.

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Heldon Solid Core Liquid Line Flare Filter Driers

Henry SDM Series Liquid Line Filter Driers supersed the Heldon Flare Filter Driers 3000 Series. Offering a high level of protection for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

Sealed Filter Driers are designed to protect refrigeration and air-conditioning systems by removing moisture, acids and solid particles. Sealed Filter Driers are for use in the liquid line of the system. The range is suitable for use with HCFC, HFC and CO2 refrigerants

1. Solid core construction with optimised binding agent.
2. 100% 3A Molecular Sieve core.
3. Post Core non-woven fine polyester filter.
4. Solid copper sweat or zinc plated flare connections.
5. Powder coated UL approved shell rated to 4,200 kPa/610 psi.
6. Suitable for high pressure applications (R410A).

1. Uniform porosity throughout the entire core guarantees particulate filtration and retention.
2. The most effective desiccant for moisture removal.
3. A secondary line of defence that provides thorough low micron filtration of particles from the system.
4. Easier to install, provides longer service life.
5. Suitable for harsh environments.
6. Suited for R410A.

Manufacturing Standards
Manufactured in accordance with AS 2971 and UL207
Safe Working Pressure: 4,200 kPa

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