Heldon E-9400 Series Refrigerant Liquid Level Switches

The E-9400 series liquid level switch is intended to be mounted horizontally on the side of a liquid level column in the sight glass cap.

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Category: Refrigerant Liquid Level Switches
SKU: HELE-94 Series

The Heldon E-9400 Level Switches series liquid level switches use infrared light reflecting from a conical glass prism moulded in the sight glass as a means of detecting the absence of a fluid at the level of the glass cone.

When no fluid covers the lower half of the cone, infra-red light from the module reflects from the mirror-like inner surface of the cone back to a light detector signaling the electronic module to switch. When fluid covers the lower half of the glass cone, the light from the module passes into the fluid.

This absence of light is detected by the module, which switches into the opposite direction. The module provides a .06/.10 differential distance from the cone point down.


  1. Eliminates mechanical floats.
  2. Reduces number of connections required on liquid level columns by mechanical floats.
  3. Provides automatic control of pumps, valves, high and low alarms, and cut-outs.
  4. Can be interfaced with a computer to track and record refrigerant levels.
  5. Serviceable in situ.
  6. No contact level sensing.


  1. Saves expense.
  2. Simplicity and ease of operation. Avoids potential leak paths.
  3. Versatile and convenient.
  4. Responsible refrigerant management.
  5. Avoids refrigerant loss.
  6. No pump down required to change modules.

The E-9400 series:

Pt No. HENE-9420 – 208/240v – 50/60hz – 0.25amp – N/C

Pt No. HENE-9420A – 208/240v – 50/60hz – 0.25amp – N/O

Pt No. HENE-9424 – 24v AC/DC – 0.25amp – N/C

Pt No. HENE-9424A – 24v AC/DC – 0.5amp – N/O

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