HEVAC Endeavour Temperature / C02 Controller

HEVAC Endeavour Controller, is a programmable very flexible microprocessor based controller designed to control A/C & Fan Coil units.

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Category: Thermostats & Controls

HEVAC Endeavour Controller, microprocessor based Temperature/CO2 controller c/w 365 day time switch, 5 relays + 2 analog 0-10v O/P’s + MODBUS.

The HEVAC ENDEAVOUR controller is a programmable very flexible microprocessor based controller designed to control A/C & Fan Coil units via remote zone sensors with optional use of many internal & external features ie: 365 day Time Switch, Run Timer, Outside & Supply Air temperature sensors, CO2 sensor input, plus now with an assignable auxiliary universal control input (X4) for monitoring & control of a 2nd independent control loop, making this controller an ideal stand alone or BMS semi autonomous zone controller.

The ENDEAVOUR is mainly intended for applications where On/Off control of Heating and Cooling stages and / or modulating control of actuators, compressors or fans is required. The controller is suitable for mounting in a mechanical services switchboard or the A/C units control cubicle and connected to remote measuring sensors & optional override switches. Four of the five relays are programmable for their mode of operation as Compressor, Heating or Cooling stages, CO2, Auxiliary Time Switch, or controlled by external 0-10vdc input with individual editable switching characteristics. The 5th relay is dedicated as a System Run (fan / time switch) relay which can be set for cycle or continuous operation whilst the system is enabled. The two Analogue 0-10vDC output signals can be programmed individually for start, range, P or P + I mode of operation. The controller is lockable in 3 levels plus includes a basic data event logger. Other notable new features & enhancements include : I.O.T connectivity, A/C fault input, Automatic setpoint reset based on outside temperature & room humidity & can now be set to operate as a 4 channel 365 day Time Switch only .

Can be powered from 12-24vAC or DC, For systems to be powered from 240vAC see 240/24vdc low cost power supply.

  • I.O.T Access for monitoring, override & setpoint control (ENDEAVOUR v3)
  • Scrolling LCD display showing all relevant information & current I/O status.
  • Event Driven Time Switch programming allowing switching Past Midnight.
  • 5 x Analogue + 4 x Digital inputs, 5 x (8A) Relays + 2 x Analogue outputs.
  • Economy Cycle use for Cooling, Heating & CO2 control when Suitable.
  • Programmable “Start By” 365 day Time Switch & /Run Timer Button or 24/7.
  • Setpoint Shift due to Outside Air Temperature & Room Humidity
  • Optional Remote Set Point inputs configurable as 10K, 0-10vDC or MODBUS.
  • Sensor inputs configurable as Resistance (passive), or (Active)- Voltage or Current.
  • Data Logger to aid in service & system performance analysis.
  • Automatic Night Purge for building cool down when O/A conditions suitable.
  • External Inputs for : Auto / Off / On, AHR & A/C Fault & Aux. Digital I/P status.
  • 2nd Independent Control Loop (X4) : Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, ppm & Volts
  • Preset for most Common application but easily Editable with intuitive Menu.
  • CO2 Control of Relays or Analogue Outputs
  • Modbus for Remote HMI or BMS Override Control & Monitoring.
  • Set Point range 1- 99oC, analogue outputs set as P or P+ I, O/P dead bands +/- 20oC

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