Hilmor R410a Essentric Cone Flaring Kit

Hilmor Flaring Kit, with a large diameter tubing cutter for easy, kink-free cuts without threading and deburring tool.

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Category: Tube Cutters, Tube Flaring Tools
SKU: HIL-1937685

Hilmor R410a Essentric Cone Flaring Kit

The Hilmor Orbital Flare Kit has everything you need to produce quality flares consistently. The kit comes with a large diameter tubing cutter with a unique 4-roller track system for easy, kink-free cuts without threading, a deburring tool to smooth everything out. It also includes an orbital flare with an off-centre mounted cone that spins on an axis and a clutch mechanism to stop flaring and consistently create the perfect flare quickly and accurately.


  • Soft tubing flare kit: For flaring, cutting, and deburring copper, steel, aluminium, brass pipe
  • Precision and consistency: Off-center mounted cone spins on an axis to effectively produce quality flares every single time
  • No cracking tubes: Equipped with a clutch mechanism that stops flaring when the job is done. No need to worry about cracked tubes during the process
  • Dialled-in accuracy: Unique, four-roller tracking system keeps tubes from threading allowing you to make the perfect flare each time
  • Professional: Be as prepared as possible as the tool includes a kit box for convenient storage. Deburring tubes and fittings 3/16″ to 3/4″ just got a lot easier.

1 x Orbital flare, 1 x tubing cutter, 1 x deburring tool and 1 x carrying case.


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