Honeywell T6376/T6377 Thermostats

The Honeywell T6376/T6377 Thermostats are designed to control the valves, the fan and the compressor in split units, heat pumps and small air conditioners.

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SKU: HONT6367/T6377

Honeywell Xe70 Thermostats

The Honeywell Xe70 Thermostats are designed to control the valves, the fan and the compressor in split units, heat pumps and small air conditioners.

The thermostat operates the compressor to provide either heating or cooling (as selected by the system switch) at the desired set point temperature.

The fan can also be controlled from the thermostat. In some cases it is wired to run continuously, and can be switched off with the system ON/OFF switch, while with other models there is a switch which gives the choice of running the fan continuously, or cycling it with the thermostat.

Versions are available with a manual 3-SPEED FAN switch,and with a system ON/OFF switch, or a HEAT/OFF/COOL switch

Heat/cool changeover operation can be accomplished either by a manually operated HEAT/FAN/ COOL switch or a HEAT/OFF/ COOL switch on the front of the thermostat.


  • Dual diaphragm sensing element ensures close temperature control for all loads and applications
  • Attractive modern styling makes this thermostat ideal for locating in the occupied space, particularly in offices or hotels
  • Versions with heat anticipator, which improves temperature control in both heating and cooling operation
  • Thermostat mounts directly onto a wall or conduit box
  • Slide switches allow manual control of system operation and fan speed
  • Optional extras:
    – Range stops
    – Tamper proof cover

Sensing Element:
The thermostat sensing element comprises two circular, flexible metal plates welded together at the rims and encapsulating a gas/liquid combination whose pressure changes in response to variations in temperature. This dual diaphragm expands and contracts with ambient temperature changes to operate a snap-acting switch which controls the heating or cooling circuit.

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