Hoshizaki Ice Storage Bins

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Storage bins – 4 sizes available – Storage sizes range from 144kg to 680kg.

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Category: Ice Storage Bins

Hoshizaki Ice Storage Bins

Product Specification

Model: B-301 SA

  • Bin Capacity: 144kg
  • Dimensions (Inc. Legs): 558m W x 820mm D x 1016mm H
  • Weight: 49kg
  • Suits Models: IM240A, KM650, FM480, KMD201, KMD270 & KM650

Model: B-501 SA

  • Bin Capacity: 217kg
  • Dimensions (Inc. Legs): 762m W x 820mm D x 1016mm H
  • Weight: 57kg
  • Suits Models: KM900, FM750, FM1000, FM1200
    • With Adaptor 8D – IM240A, KM650, FM480, KMD201, KMD270 & KM650

Model: B-801 SA

  • Bin Capacity: 348kg
  • Dimensions (Inc. Legs): 1220m W x 820mm D x 1016mm H
  • Weight: 86kg
  • Suits Models: KM1301 & KM2100
    • With Adaptor IMD – IM240D & KM900
    • With Adaptor 8D + 18D – IM240A, KM650, FM480, KMD201, KMD270 & KM650
    • With Adaptor 4DM – 2 x IM240A, 2 x KM650 & 2 x FM480
    • With Adaptor 4DM + 4DR – 2 x KMD201 &2 x KMD270
    • With Adaptor 18D – FM750, FM1000 & FM1200

Model: B-1300 SS

  • Bin Capacity: 578kg
  • Dimensions (Inc. Legs): 1218m W x 1040mm D x 1680mm H
  • Weight: 165kg
  • Suits Models: Universal

Model: B-1500 SS

  • Bin Capacity: 680kg
  • Dimensions (Inc. Legs): 1523m W x 1040mm D x 1578mm H
  • Weight: 179kg
  • Suits Models: Universal

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