iCool Premium R410a Grade Paircoil

Pre-insulated annealed copper paircoils used for general air conditioning and refrigeration installations and split system air conditioners.

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iCool R410a Grade Paircoil is pre-insulated 9mm annealed copper pair coils used for general air conditioning and refrigeration installations and split system air conditioners.

Saves Time and Money
Installation using PREMIUM pre-insulated Pair Coil reduces fitting time and gives a neater more durable finish. The outer skin of the insulation is tear resistant, saving on repairs and or warranty/insurance claims.

High Quality Durable Insulation

Manufactured from cross linked closed cell polyethylene with embossed polyethylene exterior for improved UV durability. More professional look than the white insulation.

Make Installation Easy
The insulated coating is durable and more resistant to abrasions than traditional materials. It is easier to install in tight spaces and reduces install time as the insulation doesn’t need to be measured, cut and threaded on as a separate job. Also, no glue, tapes or messy powder and no sealing joints every two meters – SAVING YOUR VALUED TIME!!

Easy Transport and Storage
The 20 meter coils are supplied with pink plastic end caps in rugged cardboard boxes for protection and storage. Sizing info is prominently displayed on boxes.

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