iZone Climate Control System – 100% Fresh-air

Control the climate on any budget. The iZone climate control system is highly affordable, efficient and effective. We think of it as outsmarting rather than outspending.

You can set the foundations of your smart home with a state-of- the-art air conditioning system or retrofit iZone to your current system.

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iZone Climate Control System – 100% Fresh-air

Smart Alec loves fresh air at night to save energy.

iZone’s fresh air system uses cool night air to keep you comfortable instead of running your air conditioning compressor. At the push of a button you can use 100% fresh air to cool your home. A special system shuts down your compressor and switches to the cost-efficient ‘vent mode’.
iSave 100% Fresh-air System
iZone - 400 - 435 Installation Thermostats User Manual


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