Kembla 316L grade Stainless Fittings – Wall Mounted Female (BSPP/ID)

MM Kembla has combined the experience and knowledge of over 100 years of Australian metal tube manufacturing with German engineering to produce Kembla 316L Stainless Steel Tube as part of the KemPress Stainless press-fit connection system.

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Stainless Steel Fittings

MM Kembla has combined the experience and knowledge of over 100 years of Australian metal tube manufacturing with German engineering to produce Kembla 316L Stainless Steel Tube as part of the KemPress Stainless press-fit connection system.

High quality 316L stainless steel tube manufactured and optimised for combined use with KemPress Stainless press fittings and superior levels of corrosion resistance.

With a warranty of 25 years for potable water and fuel gas applications, and a design life of 50 years, Kembla Stainless Steel Tube offers you the peace of mind and the simplicity you want with the highest quality, most reliable and trusted tube for use with press-fit systems.
Kembla Stainless tube is 316L grade (EN 1.4404) complying with DIN EN 10088, fabricated according to DIN EN 10312 and DVGW – W 541 and is supplied as straight 6m lengths with outside diameters in the range 15mm – 108mm. It is compliant with AS 5200.053 and has Watermark Approval #23151. Kembla Stainless tubes combine low carbon, at less than 0.03%, with a minimum molybdenum content of 2.3% for improved corrosion resistance. Low carbon, austenitic stainless steel is roll formed and then longitudinally plasma-inert gas-welded to precisely form the tubes. Kembla Stainless tubes are bright annealed and solution heat-treated, resulting in an attractive, hygienic and highly durable product.

Unpressed Fitting ID – Leak Path

KemPress Stainless fittings for Water and Gas are designed to allow a small amount of water or air to escape from any fitting that is un-pressed. This feature ensures a system isn’t commissioned with unpressed fittings installed that under high pressure may cause a temporary seal and cause a future leak and reduce the risk of costly failures, rectification and damage to property. The leak path feature is activated by performing a low pressure test prior to normal pressure testing as below.

Push & Stay Technology

Press copper fittings up to DN50 are equipped with the unique ‘Push & Stay’ feature. Utilising strict process control, the tightest of manufacturing tolerances and the most accurate production technology, KemPress fittings have been designed to ensure the fitting is tight enough to stay on the tube prior to pressing. Such a feature is symbolic of the high quality manufacturing and quality control processes employed during manufacture. KemPress “Push & Stay” has been designed to minimise risk during the installation process and make KemPress fittings easier to install  with the following benefits:

  • Fitting is tight enough to complete rough in before pressing
  • Fitting won’t fall off when preparing for vertical installations
  • Ensures plumber has right design & tube placement prior to pressing
  • Minimises risk of fitting slipping and minimum tube insertion depth not met

KemPress Stainless Fittings are available in 3 types based on their application and O-ring; Water, Gas & High Temperature. Inside each fitting is a sealing element called an Elastomeric O-ring. Fittings are available for Water (EPDM – Black), Gas (HNBR – Yellow) and High Temperature/Industry (FKM – Red). They are not interchangeable for their different applications.
KemPress Stainless fittings are manufactured and quality controlled to AS3688, with 316L (material EN1.4404) for parts made from tube, 316Ti (material EN1.4571) for threaded fittings and 316 (material 1.4408) for precision cast fittings, all having Watermark Approval # 23087 for Standard (EPDM) and Industry (FKM) fittings.

KemPress fittings are not suitable for Medical Gas, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning applications, Acetylene, Urea Solution, Methanol, Glycerin Triacetate, Coolant Inhibitor, Sodium Hydroxide or Ammoniac-gaseous.

For further information regarding suitability of KemPress fittings for applications, refer to the Application Guide downloadable in the “Support” section at the bottom of this page contact MM Kembla customer service.


Standard press fittings utilise a black EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) O-ring sealing element. This O-ring is suitable for hot and cold potable water applications and some industrial applications. It is not suitable for aromatic hydrocarbons, di-ester based lubricants, halogenated solvents or petroleum based oils and greases.


Gas applications use a HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) O-ring sealing element. HNBR has been used for decades in automotive and industrial applications. It is designed for gas, oil and chemical resistance. It is not suitable for drinking water. Gas fittings have a yellow O-ring and are clearly marked with a distinctive yellow colour and the word GAS.

High Temperature (HT)

Industry or High temperature applications use an FKM (fluorocarbon) O-ring sealing element. Ideal for petroleum products, fuels including those blended with ethanol or methanol, diesel, biodiesel, mineral oils and greases, silicone oils and greases, high vacuum, strong acids, ozone, weather and very high temperatures. This O-ring is suitable for applications where temperatures exceed 120°C (up to 200°C), often at the collector. HT fittings have a red O-ring and are clearly marked with a distinctive red colour and the word HT.

KemPress Stainless O-Ring Specifications

Colour Code Black Red Yellow
Fitting Type Standard Industry Gas
Material Code EPDM FKM HNBR
Material Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Fluorocarbon Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
Maximum Continuous Temperature Range °C -30°C up to 120°C -20°C up to 200°C (depending on the medium) -20°C up to 100°C
Peak Short Term Max. Temp °C 150°C 280°C 100°C

KemPress Stainless Design Pressures Using Standard Tools, Jaws and Slings

Application Pipe External Diameter Safe Working Pressure
Water and Aqueous Solutions d ≤ 22mm 40 bar
d = 28-35mm 25 bar
d = 42-108mm 16 bar
Flammable/Fuel Gases d ≤ 108mm 5 bar
Technical Gases & Compressed Air (Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable) d ≤ 108mm 16 bar
Fire Sprinkler Systems d = 22-76.1mm 16 bar (EPDM & FKM for VdS)
12 bar (EPDM & FKM for FM)
d = 108 mm 12.5 bar (EPDM only for VdS)
12 bar (EPDM & FKM for FM)

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