LeakXpose Leak Detector Gas

LeakXpose™ in disposable gas cylinders is the most efficient and cost effective way to detect leaks in HVAC-R systems.

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LeakXpose Leak Detector Gas is now available in 2.2 litre disposable cylinders it is the most efficient and cost-effective way to detect leaks in HVAC-r and other systems.

LeakXpose Leak Detector Gas is a non-flammable mixture of 95% Nitrogen and 5% Hydrogen that is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

When the system is charged with LeakXpose®, minute leaks can be found using a suitable electronic detector.

This is because of the very small molecule size and low density of the Hydrogen gas (approximately 15 times lighter than air).

LeakXpose® can be used with the same Nitrogen regulator currently used with disposable Nitrogen cylinders. LeakXpose™ is also compatible with all Nitrogen hoses.

Regulator suitable for LeakXpose. TESURI1SNI60M10 – Dual Gauge Nitrogen Regulator 6,000kpa Output M10 Connection.

A small, very high outlet pressure regulator designed for use with disposable cylinders containing nitrogen or nitrogen / hydrogen mixtures (LeakXpose). It is used for the convenient, high pressure testing of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Used with LeakXpose, it can be used for leak detection in domestic, commercial and automotive air conditioning systems, or refrigeration systems. Combined with disposable gas cylinders it is especially suited to on site testing and leak detection.

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