MajorTech 1000A AC/DC Bluetooth Watt Meter

MajorTech AC/DC Watt Meter, True RMS AC & DC watt clampmeter with Bluetooth.This meter provides save, noninvasive measurements of up to 240kw

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SKU: MT785

MajorTech 1000A AC/DC Bluetooth Watt Meter

The MajorTech AC/DC Watt Meter is a True RMS AC and DC watt clamp on meter with Bluetooth.

This meter provides save, noninvasive measurements of up to 240kW. The light weight, portable, battery powered clamp meter measures the most common ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA and Resistance needed to trouble shoot residential and small commercial electrical systems. The readings are displayed on a 4000 count LCD display and the meter has a back light ideal for use in dimly lit areas. The MT785 is housed in a double injection rubber casing.


  • CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V
  • True RMS
  • Ø42mm Clamp Size
  • Measures AC and DC current up to 1000 Amps
  • Measures AC/DC voltage to 1000V
  • Measures Power Factor
  • AC/DC Power to 240kW
  • Measures Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Resistance to 40MΩ
  • Frequency measurement to 50kHz
  • -50°C to 1000°C Temperature Measurement
  • Duty cycle test
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
  • Data Hold
  • Microprocessor DC zero
  • Large LCD display with white LED back light
  • Diode Test and Continuity Buzzer
  • Auto Power Off
  • Data Logger


Function Range Resolution Accuracy
DC Current 60A – 1000A 10mA ±(2.5% + 5 Digits)
AC Current 60A – 1000A 10mA ±(2.5% + 8 Digits)
DC Voltage 600.0mV – 1000V 1mV ±(1.2% + 3 Digits)
AC Voltage 6.000V – 1000V 1mV ±(1.2% + 5 Digits)
Resistance 600.0Ω – 60.00MΩ 0.1Ω ±(1.5% + 2 Digits)
Frequency 20Hz – 10kHz 0.1Hz ±(0.5% + 3 Digits)
Capacitance 6.000μF – 6000μF 1pF ±(5% + 30 Digits)
Temperature -50 to 1000°C 0.1°C ±(5.0% + 3°C Digits)
Duty Cycle 0.5 to 99.0% 0.001 ±(1.2% + 2 Digits)
Total Harmonic Distortion AC A/AC V 0.999 0.001 ±(3% + 10 Digits)
Total Harmonic Distortion Measurement 0.999 0.001
Total Harmonic Distortion Accuracy H01-H12 ±(10% +10)
Total Harmonic Distortion Accuracy H13-H25 ±(5% +10)
Active Power 599.9KW A.error x V.reading+ V.error x A.reading
Power Factor -1.0-0.0-1.0 ±(3% + 1 Digit)
Phase Angle 0° – 90°
True RMS Measurements ACV, ACA
AC Bandwidth 50Hz to 60Hz
Digital Display 6000
Bargraph Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Non-Contact Voltage (NCV) Yes
Overrange Indication Yes
Continuity Yes
Diode Test Yes
Jaw Size 42mm
Input Impedance >10MΩ DCV & VAC
Low Frequency Input Yes
Min Max Yes
Peak hold Yes
Data Hold Yes
Back Light Yes
Enclosure Injection moulded case
Low Battery Indication Yes
Battery 9V
Weight 315g
Dimensions 230 x 76 x 40mm

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