Maneurop SM/SZ Series Scroll Compressors

Maneurop scroll compressors cover a full range of capacities, perfect for any application from light commercial to large commercial systems.

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Maneurop SM/SZ Series Scroll Compressors

In a Danfoss SM / SY / SZ scroll compressor, the compression is performed by two scroll elements located in the upper part of the compressor.

Danfoss scroll compressors are available both as single compressors and as tandem units.

Suction gas enters the compressor at the suction connection. As all of the gas flows around and through the electrical motor, thus ensuring complete motor cooling in all applications, oil droplets separate and fall into the oil sump. After exiting the electrical motor, the gas enters the scroll elements where compression takes place. Ultimately, the discharge gas leaves the compressor at the discharge connection.

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