Mason Captive Neoprene Mounts

Mason Captive Neoprene Mountings, the rubber is compressed in all directions which allows these to have a load rating in all axes.

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SKU: Mason RBA / RCA / RDA

RAA / RBA / RCA / RDA Seismic Mounts

Mason Captive Neoprene Mountings RAA / RBA / RCA / RDA mounts are fully captive isolators that can work in any orientation.

Rubber isolators have to be compressed in order to isolate. In the majority of situations rubber is compressed by gravity load, from a floor, wall or piece of equipment. Therefore normal isolators are only rated for vertical loading.

This range of products compresses the rubber element within a metal housing. The rubber is compressed in all directions which allows these to have a load rating in all axes. These mounts can be used in any orientation and the larger sizes can handle significant loads.

Captive neoprene mountings shall consist of a steel housing with a captive steel insert embedded in neoprene to prevent contact between the housing and the central threaded insert.

Bonded assemblies without mechanical interlocks are not acceptable.

All mountings shall have minimum 1.0 horizontal G ratings and anchorage preapproval “OPA” numbers from the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) in the state
of California prior to 2010, attesting to the maximum horizontal and vertical load ratings. All mountings shall have bolts for rigid attachment to the equipment and adequate base bolting
provision. Mountings shall have a minimum static deflection of 0.15” (4 mm).

In seismic zones, submittals shall include calculations showing that the intersection of the horizontal and vertical seismic loads fall below the OSHPD approved curves. Anchorages must be designed to meet the applicable building codes. All calculations must be signed by a professional engineer. Mountings shall be type RAA, RBA, RCA and RDA as manufactured by Mason Industries, Inc.

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