MaxiBlue Condensate Pumps

Exceptional performance from a small package: Proven rotary diaphragm technology as used in the Blue DiamondTM

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Category: Condensate Pumps & Trays
SKU: MAXIX87-700, MAXIX87-701 & MAXIX87-702

MaxiBlue Condensate Pumps

MaxiBlue Condensate Pumps uses the same advanced unique technology as the MegaBlue. Designed for high humidity environments it benefits from being a small powerful pump that is controlled by our patented sensing technology – only senses when water is present offering an energy efficient drainage solution.

Patented rotary diaphragm pump, making all the advantages possible is our advanced rotary diaphragm technology. The condensate is drawn into the pump by vacuum then mechanically driven within a reinforced elastomer diaphragm to the outlet under pressure. This system even tolerates suspended solids and light slurring and also happily runs dry.

  • Flow rate up to 14lt/hr
  • Max head 8m
  • Dry suction lift up to 8m – self priming
  • Very quiet and low vibration Power supply 230V.

Available with:

    • Pt No. X87-701 – Reservoir – No moving parts the Reservoir Sensor offers a reliable alternative to stuck or sunken float switches. Incorporating our patented and proven thermistor technology the hi-low solid state level sensor only runs the pump when condensate is produced. With no moving parts to become clogged or stuck it is an ideal alternative to existing floating switches
    • Pt No. X87-700 -Temperature Sensor – Hot – cold thermistors mounted in air inlet and outlet of room unit sensing when cooling occurs. Runs pump constantly when A/C “on” regardless of whether producing condensate. Fail safe circuit inactive.
    • Pt No. X87-702 -DrainStik – The patented DrainStik ™ is quick and simple to install or retrofit around any existing installation. The slim line probe, which houses the water sensors and high level alarm can be directly mounted into the drain tube of all types of equipment.

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