Safenet Universal Flushing Solution

Safenet Universal Flushing Solution, inserted into the A/C system. Removes metal and contaminated lubricant residues.

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Category: System Flushing
SKU: ER-TR1187.K.01 & ER-TR1187.P.01

Safenet Universal Flushing Solution

High Evaporation Washing Liquid Not Inflammable – The Safe Option!

SAFENET is a big evaporation washing liquid designed to be used in all A/C systems.

It is inserted into the A/C system by manual or pneumatic systems. Once placed, it removes metal and contaminated lubricant residues.


  • Does not leave any kind of residue
  • Evaporates very quickly and completely.
  • Non-flammable


Pt No. ER-TR1187.K.01 – SAFENET 1L Bottle
Pt No. ER-TR1187.P.01 – SAFENET 5L Container


  • Brand: Errecom

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