Air Quality Test Kit – SAN-AIR DIY Indoor

This kit tests the air quality of indoor spaces. It reliably identifies the presence of mould and bacteria, allowing for efficient removal of the problem.

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Indoor Air Testing Kit

The Air Quality Test Kit can be used to test for mould and bacteria in various indoor air spaces. Once identified you can proceed to remove the problem.

Mould is the enemy and knowing where it is, and in what quantities, should be your priority when battling mould. After all, knowing is half the battle.

You want to test, but labs are too expensive, and they speak a language from Mars. What do you do?

We had the same issue when we started SAN-AIRtm. No Easy DIY method. So we solved it.

The SAN-AIRtm DIY Test Kit will be able to tell you, within one week, the level of mould in your indoor air space or water.

The DIY Air Quality Test Kit can be used to to test:

  • The air in your indoor air space
  • The surfaces in your indoor air space
  • The water in your indoor air space

Our kits:

  • Easy to use
  • One side checks for bacteria, the other side checks for mould
  • May be bought as an individual 1-time test, a box of 5 (half box) or a box of 10 (full box)

The test is fast, sometimes the results can come back within 48 hours!

How to use the DIY Test Kt – It is a simple 4 step process:

1 – Take the tabbed piece out of the casing. (Keep the casing, you will need it again in a moment)
2 – Gather a sample. Press the sides of the dip slide of the tabbed piece on the surface or material you wish to measure for mould up to 1 minute. Then place the tabbed piece back into the casing and back into the box that it came in.
3 – Leave for 1 – 2 days. Place on a window sill that gets sunlight. You should see dots on the bacteria side and furry creatures forming on the mould side. Leave for an extra day if need be. The longer it takes, usually means the lower the problem in your home.
4 – Read the results. We give you an easy-to-use chart to judge the result yourself. Once you see mould or bacteria growing, use the given chart to measure the extent of the growth and severity of the problem.

Once identified you can proceed to remove the problem.

Note: Each individual casing and tab can only be used once, for a single measurement.

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