SAN-AIR Surface Sanitiser

SAN-AIR Surface Sanitiser is a ready to use product, removing any visible mould you have and ensuring that it stays gone is a simple matter.

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Category: Bacteria / Mould Testing & Control, Bacteria/Mould Testing & Control, Coil Cleaning & Treatment
SKU: SAN630-034, SAN630-035, SAN630-036 & SAN630-037

SAN-AIR Surface Sanitiser

San-Air  is primarily an Air and Surface Sanitiser, originally developed to help defend against mould and bacteria growth, and is a sister product to our Mould Control range. A completely Australian Made product ensures you are receiving quality sanitisation against unwanted growth.

  • Kills 99% of bacteria, germs and mould.
  • The V3R formulation uses identical actives as TGA listed SAN-AIR V3R Commercial Grade Disinfectant, proven to work against pathogens including COVID-19.
  • As the product comes into contact with microbes, on soft or hard surfaces, it causes the germ to die by stopping bacteria from reproducing and mould from receiving oxygen, eliminating their ability to grow and reproduce.
  •  Applied with a spray bottle, the product can be use for general cleaning or for treating specific areas.


  • Soft or hard indoor surfaces
  • Air conditioning systems and air handlers
  • Refrigerators and cold storage rooms
  • Safe to use on most materials; plastic, timber, canvas, leather and vinyl, fabric (upholstery curtains), tiles (kitchen, bathroom), laminate (bench tops, bathrooms), glass, porcelain and marble surfaces.

Directions for use: Use for cleaning grime and dirt from surfaces

  • Spray on surfaces and wipe with a clean cloth; Repeat action if necessary
  • Change cloths frequently to avoid recontamination
  • When surface is visibly clean, spray again lightly and leave to air dry for protective long lasting results

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use; fast acting
  • Anti-bacterial; anti-mould
  • Cost effective
  • Safe to breathe; safe to touch
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No damage caused to property
  • Pet friendly; plant friendly
  • Non allergenic
  • Food safe certification
  • 24/7 protection; long lasting
  • Biodegradable & sustain
  • Independently validated

Local supply available in Adelaide South Australia also supplying customer Australia wide.

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