Sauermann Delta Pack Condensate Pump Kit

Sauermann Delta-Pack Pump Kit, streamlined design complements wall mounted air conditioning units. Low sound level.

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Category: Condensate Pumps & Trays

Sauermann Delta Pack Condensate Pump Kit

The new Sauermann Delta-Pack Pump Kit streamlined design complements wall mounted air conditioning units. Low sound level and highly resistance to pollution created by the general environment.

Complete kit intended for wall mounted air conditioning units. Includes; a new elbow design that can be easily opened by hand by a simple finger push – no tool is needed and the Si-10 UNIVERS’L pump which incorporates the latest in piston pump technology.


  • Easy installation and maintenance
    • New quick fit and release corner piece.
    • Simple finger push-in technology: no tools needed.
    • Can be opened by hand.
    • One piece pump for easy installation.
    • The kit content allows for versatility of installation, matching real needs on the field.
    • Transparent and removable reservoir.
    • Translucent hose: easy to track waterflow, build-up, etc..
  • Quiet
    • Quiet pump operation: 22 dBA at full power – Independently tested.
    • Elbow includes ‘High Energy Absorbing Foam’ to absorb vibration and sound.
    • Anti-vibration and condensate insulation included on discharge line.
  • Proven reliability
    • Patented pump technology.
    • No connection piece connecting the elbow and the straight length of duct.
    • High flow rate – Up to 20 ltr/hr = Less run time.
    • The Drain Safe Device prolongs the pump life.
    • Lockable plug-in power cable to avoid unintended disconnection.


  • 20lt/hr max. flow
  • 10m max. discharge head

Kit Complete with:

  • Si-10 piston pump, with integrated float detection unit
  • Clear PVC tube (6mm internal diameter – length 1m – foam-insulated over 800mm), fitted with a Drain Safe Device pre-mounted)
  • 1,5 m lockable plug-in power cable, with 2 power wires and 2 safety contact wires
  • Duct
  • 2 part elbow (base + cover)
  • Ceiling duct cover
  • Elbow/Duct gasket
  • Rubber elbow/split gasket
  • Rubber tube (internal diameter 15 mm – connects to split)
  • Vent pipe
  • 6 screws and plugs for fixing duct and elbow
  • 2 pipe clamps


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