Sauermann Si-1822 Centrifugal Condensate Removal Pump

Sauermann Si-1822 Condensate Pump,designed to evacuate heavy and contaminated condensates. Suitable for airconditioning and refrigeration.

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Sauermann Si-1830 Centrifugal Condensate Removal Pump

The Sauermann Si-1822 Condensate Pump is designed to evacuate heavy and contaminated condensates. Capable of evacuating up to 380l/h, the SI-1822 pump is suitable for air conditioning units and industrial refrigeration displays.

Strong, the SI-1822 tolerates charged, high temperature and acidic condensates (pH > 3.4) produced by gas condensing boilers


  • High performance
    • Reduces operating cycle number thanks to integrated large tank of 3.8 liters. (1 gal)
    • Can discharge condensates up to 5.8m.
    • Up to 380 l/h.
  • High resistance
    • Suitable for mild acid and hot condensate. (pH ≥ 3.4 et T°≤ 65 °C)
    • Thermal protection at 105 °C (auto-reset).
  • Safety
    • Normally closed alarm contact.


  • 380lt/hr max. flow
  • 5.8m max. discharge

Kit Complete with:

  • One-piece centrifugal pump with tank (3.8 L)
  • Integrated barb end check valve Ø ext. 10 mm (3/8”)


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