Sky Drier Cores

Sky offer a complete range of 48 cu. in Drier Cores to suit many brands of Replaceable Core Drier Shells.

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Sky Drier Cores

Sky offer a complete range of 48 cu. in Drier Cores to suit many brands of Replaceable Core Drier Shells.

Sky Drier Cores remove system contaminates and maximise the refrigeration systems performance.

Together with the Suction Filter Element, Sky delivers a total filtration management system for its customers.

Standard Core: 80% Molecular Sieve & 20% Activated Alumina.

A blend of Molecular Sieve and Activated Alumina for high performance moisture and contaminant removal. The Activated Alumina chemically attracts acids that may be present in the system. Thorough low micron filtration effectively captures particles before they can do damage.

High Capacity: 100% Molecular Sieve.

Employing a 3A Molecular Sieve to trap and remove water molecules, these cores deliver maximum moisture removal.Suitable for traditional and modern refrigerants using mineral or synthetic oils. This includes R717 and the HP refrigerants R410A and CO2. Use these cores to safely remove moisture before acids can be formed.

Burn-out: 35% Activated Alumina, 60% Molecular Sieves & 5% Activated Carbon.

For clean up after burn-outs and for highly contaminated systems with moisture, acid, sludge and particulate issues. The Activated Carbon cleans the system of deposits that contribute to the breakdown of refrigerant and oils, actively prevents contaminants from causing premature failure of the replacement compressor.

Suction Filter Element: Fluted Filter Type.

Foreign particles destroy compressor motor winding insulation and cause burnouts. Employing a fluted design for maximum filter surface area, particulates down to 10 Microns (Filter Beta Rating = 10: in accordance with ISO 4548-12) are safely removed from the system. The Suction Filter delivers maximum compressor protection with the lowest possible pressure drop. By installing a Suction Filter Element you are providing the compressor with the particulate protection it needs to prevent breakdowns caused by a contaminated system.

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