Sky Oil Separator/Reservoirs

For use with electronic or external level controls

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Category: Oil Reservoir / Separators
SKU: SKY Oil Separator / Reservoir

Sky Oil Separator/Reservoirs


All separated oil is then returned to the compressor crankcase or reservoir by an internal oil float valve.

Select an oil separator based on the system’s KW under normal operating conditions. This is the capacity or compressor(s) BTUs based on the refrigerant gas at the saturated suction and condensing temperatures of the operating system.

For selection purposes, select an oil separator with the nearest capacity to the system’s load at the evaporating temperature.


  • For use with electronic or external level controls
  • Featuring minimal pressure drop to improve your plant efficiency.
  • Two stage stainless steel oil separation membrane.
  • Separate oil storage compartment to allow separated oil to de-aerate and cool down.
  • Anti-corrosion powder coat finish with solid copper connections.

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