Square Glass Delicatessen Displays

Keep your food fresh and looking great with our deli display fridge.

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Keep your food fresh and looking great with our Square Glass Delicatessen Displays.

With 3M1 climate class certification, a hydraulic lift-up glass, and bright LED lighting, this fridge is perfect for showcasing your delicious treats. Plus, with the option to multiplex and lower energy costs, it’s a smart investment for your business.

Suitable for Perishables

Specially designed for safe storage of perishable foods with 3M1 climate class certification.

Easy Access to Food

Enjoy easy access to food items with the hydraulic lift-up front glass.

Additional Storage

Additional refrigerated storage space at the back to maximise storage.

Digital Controller

Accurate temperature control with a digital controller.

Perfect Product Presentation

Bright LED lighting in natural light to enhance the presentation of displayed food.

Rear Bench

Rear bench provides convenient space for preparing and arranging your deli foods.

Configuration Flexibility

Choose between standalone use or multiplexing to expand the display area.

Easy to Move

Move the fridge around with ease thanks to castors.

Hassle-free Cleaning and Maintenance

The unit features removable display trays for easy cleaning plus removable front panel to quickly access and clean the unit for optimal performance.

Energy Efficiency

Save on energy costs and reduce environmental impact with natural refrigerant.


350mm Cutting Board – Our Cutting Board is a must-have addition to your Deli Display setup. Measuring 350mm wide, it provides ample room for all your food preparation needs. Easy to clean and maintain, it provides a safe and sanitary workspace as you prepare your deli items.

Scale Deck – Maximise your efficiency with our optional Scale Deck. Easily weigh and portion food items right on your Deli Display, freeing up your workspace for smooth and efficient food preparation. Crafted from high-quality materials, the Scale Deck is designed to seamlessly integrate with your Bromic Deli Display and is super easy to install, so you can start using it right away.

Knife Holder – Our Knife Holder is the perfect addition to your Deli Display setup and will help you keep your knives and workspace organised. It features 2 round slots for butcher’s steels and 7 knife slots of various sizes ensuring your knives are always within reach and your workspace remains tidy and efficient.

Bag Holder – You can store your bags within close reach to serve your customers quicker. Designed to accommodate bags up to 330mm wide, this accessory is a practical addition to your Deli Display setup. No more fumbling for bags – they’ll be right where you need them!

Paper Holder – Keep your wrapping paper or labels nearby with our optional Paper Holder. Simply attach it to your Deli Display and have everything you need for labeling and packaging products for sale within easy reach.

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