Testo 410 Series Anemometers

Ideal for quick measurement at ventilation grilles (air outlets) and for inspecting air conditions – also outdoors: use the Testo 410-2 vane anemometer to measure humidity, as well as air velocity and air temperature.

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Category: Airflow Measurement
SKU: TES410-1 & 410-2

Pocket Sized Airflow Velocity Measurements

The vane anemometers testo 410-1 and testo 410-2 offer perfect flow velocity measurement results in handy pocket format.

The small, user-friendly testo 410-1 measures air flow velocity and temperature, and is suitable for fast spot checks on ventilation outlets thanks to the integrated measurement with the 40 mm vane. A timed mean value calculation is also possible.

The measuring instrument has an illuminated display, a clip-on protective cap, and a wrist strap and a belt holder ensure safekeeping.

In addition to air flow velocity and air temperature, the testo 410-2 also measures air humidity.

This allows air conditions to be tested reliably. In addition to this, dewpoint and wet bulb are calculated and displayed fully automatically.

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