Testo 420 Air Flow Hood

The Testo 420 measuring instrument enables you to measure flow velocity, volume flow, absolute pressure, temperature and relative humidity. The automatic zeroing function ensures higher accuracy for low pressures.

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Testo 420 Light Weight & Convenient Air Flow Hood

The Testo 420 Air Flow Hood lightweight in its class. 2.9 kg and maximum precision: only the world market leader offers that.

Light, precise and convenient – the volume flow hood significantly facilitates the regulation of volume flow at larger air intakes and outputs. With only 2.9kg, it is the lightest model on the market.

With the integrated flow straightener, it sets new measurement precision standards at swirl outlets.

This allows users to fulfil hygienic Indoor Air Quality guidelines and stipulations in ventilation and air conditioning systems quickly and precisely, e.g. in industry, office rooms or in cleanrooms.


  • Low weight 2.9 kg weight – Lighter than any other flow hood. You feel the difference, particularly in frequent measurements.
  • Precise flow straightener – Air turbulence at swirl outlets is pacified. This allows reliable measurement of the air flow.
  • Efficient App integration – You use mobile devices via App as a second display or remote control. And you can create and send measurement reports directly on site.
  • Flexible display – The tilting display makes reading out the measurement values easier. By removing the instrument, and with the corresponding accessories, you can comfortably carry out pressure and Pitot tube measurements.
  • Quick set-up – Markings on the hood, and funnel-shaped sockets for
  • Practical transport – You transport the collapsed 420 safely and conveniently in the trolley included in delivery.
  • Ergonomic handles – You work comfortably without tiring your hands.

Kit includes: 420 flow 61cm2 hood and base with USB cable, batteries, soft case, wheels, Protocol certificate.

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