Testo Smart Tools

New range of Testo ‘Smart Tools’. These pocket-sized, professional measuring instruments are operated directly from your smartphone or tablet.

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Testo Smart Tools

New range of Testo Smart Tool. These pocket-sized, professional measuring instruments are operated directly from your smartphone or tablet.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Robust 8 measuring instruments for temperature, humidity, flow velocity & pressure measurements.
  • Efficient wireless readout, analysis and dispatch of the measurement data by smartphone/tablet, via intuitively operated testo Smart Probes App.
  • Simple stored menus, incl. for automatic calculation of evaporation and condensation temperature, the volume flow measurement in ducts/at outlets, and non-contact IR temperature measurement.
  • Compact, light, robust and low-cost.

Access all your measurements with one, easy to use App.

All Smart Tools are operated via the ‘Testo Smart Probes’ App. It offers the user many practical functions including:

  • Ability to clearly read the measurement values.
  • Option to display the measurement data in either graph or tabular form.
  • Downloadable measurement data as a PDF report or Excel file, at the touch of a button.

Application-specific measurement menus, depending on the instrument. Take readings from up to 6 Smart Tools at a time, making comparisons between multiple measurements easier than ever.

Testo Smart App is completely free and is available for iOS from the App Store and Android via Google Play Store.

Probe Range Include:

  • TES115i – testo 115i Clamp thermometer operated via smartphone

  • TES405i – testo 405i Thermal anemometer with smartphone operation

  • TES410i – testo 410i Vane anemometer with smartphone operation

  • TES510i – testo 510i Manometer differential pressure measuring instrument with smartphone operation

  • TES549i – testo 549i High-pressure gauge operated via smartphone

  • TES552i – testo 552i App-controlled wireless vacuum probe

  • TES605i – testo 605i Thermohygrometer operated via smartphone

  • TES805i – testo 805i Infrared thermometer with smartphone operation

  • TES915iIP – testo 915i Thermometer with immersion/penetration probe and smartphone operation

  • TES915iSP – testo 915i Thermometer with surface probe and smartphone operation

  • TES915iAP -testo 915i Thermometer with air probe and smartphone operation
  • TES915iFP – testo 915i Thermometer with flexible probe and smartphone operation

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