Tesuco Leak Detector Kit

Tesuco Electronic Leak Detector: Cutting-edge technology, pinpoint accuracy, and user-friendly design make it the ultimate tool for gas leak detection tasks.

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Tesuco Electronic Leak Detection

A universal tesuco electronic leak detector designed to detect not only a mixture of Nitrogen/5% Hydrogen, but also a number of refrigerant gases (R134A – R404A – R407C – R410A – R22 – R1234yf, etc.). The Tesuco Leak Detector Kit is supplied in a convenient plastic case for storage and transportation. The reduced heating time (approx. 45 seconds) and the practical ergonomic handle make it easy to use. A reference leak source is included.


  • Detection of leaks less than
  • 5 ppm (2g/year).
  • Multi colour visual display.
  • Three-colour LED indicator bar and a battery status indicator.
  • Microprocessor control.
  • High – Medium – Low sensitivity selector.
  • Automatic zero and background compensation.
  • Carry Case.


  • Time until ready – 45 Seconds
  • Power supply – AA Alkaline batteries x 4
  • Operating period – Approximately 7 hours with normal use
  • Weight – 400 g
  • Dimensions (mm)
    • Product only – (L) 173 x (W) 66 x (D) 56
    • With packaging – (L) 330 x (W) 250 x (D) 76
  • Country of origin Italy

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