Tesuco Test and Leak Detection Kit

Tesuco Test/Leak Detection Kit: Reliable, easy-to-use solution for identifying air-conditioning leaks. A must-have for professionals.

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Category: Refrigerant Detector, Tracer Gas Detection

Tesuco Leak Detector

When pressure testing air conditioning units, they can be filled with a 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen mixture (inert) up to pressures of
6,000 kPa using the specially designed high pressure regulator.

The Tesuco Test/Leak Detection Kit gauge will show any pressure drop, indicating a leak. Should this occur, the existing gas mixture in the unit can be used to find the leak using the electronic leak detector.

Ideal for domestic, commercial and automotive air conditioning systems.

Supplied with:

  • TESGTNIHY2 – Disposable 2.2 L cylinder, 95% nitrogen/5% hydrogen mixture
  • TESRI1SNI60M10 – 6,000 kPa Mini regulator for disposable cylinders
  • TESOTRGHV – Leak test gauge with refrigerant pressure settings
  • TESOTKK007 – Electronic leak detector
  • Includes Carry Case.

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