Advanced VerteX Universal Coil Cleaner

VerteX unique formulation allows for either acidic or alkali changes in its own pH balance to effectively deteriorate organic debris and rust. Great for both indoor and outdoor maintenance.



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VerteX Universal Cleaner

VerteX Universal Coil Cleaner has a unique formulation that allows the product to change its own pH balance to either acid or alkali, to better combat the soils it comes into contact with. This adaptive dimension makes it perfect for use in almost any maintenance scenario – both indoors or outdoors.

Making fast work of dirt on coils, VerteX quickly penetrates through rust, scale, grease and organic debris – loosening the deposits – allowing them to be easily rinsed clean.

VerteX Universal Coil Cleaner will not damage or etch the coil surface, making it the ideal product for modern and lightly coated alloy coils. No harmful or volatile by-products are produced as a result of using VerteX and its ability to neutralise all unpleasant coil odour form evaporators means it can be used within normal business hours.

  • Adaptive cleaner for any type of dirt.
  • Quickly removes grease, fat, rust & scale.
  • Non corrosive – Neutral pH7.
  • Neutralises all unpleasant malodour.
  • Ideal for micro channel & coils with protective coatings.

Directions for use:
Evaporator Coils – Dilution: 8 parts water. Start cleaning at the bottom of the coil and work methodically across and up.

Split Style Units – Turn off unit and isolate electrics. Apply diluted VerteX with a low pressure sprayer set on a coarse spray pattern. Soak the coil. Allow product to work for five minutes. No rinsing required – cooling process should naturally rinse coil. However, heat pump systems should be rinsed. Turn unit on.
Large Air Handling Units – If possible, leave air flow on – allowing suction to ensure complete coil penetration. If not possible, turn air flow on immediately after application. Apply diluted VerteX with a low pressure sprayer
set on a coarse spray pattern. Saturate coil to run-off point. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Air-Cooled Condensers – Dilution: 4 parts water. Apply diluted VerteX with a low pressure sprayer set on a coarse spray pattern. Allow product to work for 5-10 minutes. Rinse away dirt and contamination with clean water. Rinse water is not hazardous and will not harm any surrounding materials or equipment. Start cleaning at top of coil and work methodically down and across. Cleaning is more effective if condenser is still warm.

Air Filters – VerteX can also be used to clean electronic air filters. Turn unit and fans off. Dilute with 2 parts water, spray liberally and allow to penetrate for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

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