Veto Pro Pac Tech Series Closed Top Tool Bags

This VETO Tech Series Closed Top tool bags are designed for technicians and tradesmen. If you’re any kind of technician, you’re going to love the layout of this bags.

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Veto Pro Pac Tech Series Closed Top Tool Bags

Veto Veto Closed Top Bags Pro Pac Tech Series tool bags are designed for Service Technicians that need to store and carry a wide variety of hand tools, testers, gauges and meters.

Product Specifications:

Veto Tech MC : Veto Pro Pac’s Tech MC is a compact, yet fully featured service, repair or installation tool bag that features everything you have come to expect from Veto Pro Pac: Veto Pro Pac’s patented centre panel, heavy duty construction and stabilising injection molded waterproof base that keeps tools dry, even the nastiest of conditions.

  • Height: 30.5cm
  • Length: 25.4cm
  • Width: 20.3cm
  • Weight (empty): 2.3kg
  • 38 interior and exterior pockets of varying size
  • 2 Storage Bays- Hand Tools on one side; Meter and Drill Storage on the other side
  • 2 Neoprene Pockets on Meter Side
  • D-Rings: 2 – 51mm and 5- 25.5mm
  • Outside Mounted Stainless Steel Tape Clip Holder
  • Quick Access Pocket for Drill Bit Extensions and Small Items

Veto Tech MCT : The Tech MCT is small, lightweight and perfect for troubleshooting, diagnostics and job specific setups and offers 44 interior and exterior pockets for handling tools, meters, and a compact cordless drill/driver compartment.

The Tech MCT allows technicians the ability to set up multiple job specific bags that can also feed out of our LC, XL or XXL-F size bags. The Tech MCT holds plenty of essential tools for different types of work and is convenient enough to carry everywhere and get into tight spaces.

  • Height: 36cm
  • Length: 26cm
  • Width: 21cm
  • 44 interior and exterior pockets of varying size
  • 31cm of vertical storage zipped up
  • Outside mounted stainless tape clip
  • Electric tape strap
  • Holds over 50 hand tools
  • Extra wide padded shoulder strap
  • Over-molded ergonomic grip

Veto Tech LC : The Tech LC is a service technician version of the original Model LC.

A number of changes have been made to tailor the bag to accommodate HVAC service technicians’ tools and work routines.

The Tech LC sports 53 pockets with ample pocket room for hand tools, a parts box(es), meter(s), a cordless impact drill and other bulkier items. 8 new small neoprene pockets have been added for drill bits and bit extensions.

  • Width: 240mm
  • Length: 350mm
  • Height: 480mm (310mm with Handle Folded Down)
  • Weight (empty): 2.5kg.
  • Vertical Tool Pockets: 50 inside & 3 outside
  • Flat Zippered Pockets: 4 inside & 2 outside
  • Neoprene Pockets: 2
  • D-Rings: 4 large and 5 small
  • Exterior Electrical Tape Loop: 8” Fabric with Clip Closure
  • Stainless Steel Tape Clip: Yes
  • Shoulder Strap: Extra-Wide, Heavy Duty, Padded Shoulder Strap Clips onto Handle

Veto Tech XXL : Optimized for technicians & installers, the TECH-XXL has 25 vertical interior pockets that are capable of storing a large assortment of tall hand tools for sheet metal or mechanical work. The V-SWAP™ system enables reconfiguring of the interior vertical pockets and/or the addition of other Veto pocket accessories. Comes with Tool panel and Bulk Storage panel. Veto’s Padded Insert Box can also be used with this bag. The back bay of the TECH-XXL provides ample volume to store 3-4 cordless tools, extra batteries and even a charger.

  • Width: 520mm
  • Length: 255mm
  • Height: 380mm
  • Weight (empty): 5kg
  • Extra large front & back zippered storage bays to keep tools safe & secure
  • V-SWAP™ removable & customizable tool pocket panel system with alternate tool panels available & sold separately
  • 18 exterior pockets of varying sizes
  • Up to 25 interior vertical tool pockets of varying sizes available on the front
  • Extra large open bulk storage area in back bay for larger tools & equipment
  • Waterproof Polypropylene plastic base for moisture and abrasion protection
  • Metal YKK® locking zippers
  • 8” Electrical tape strap
  • Interior gray pockets for better visibility
  • 56″ Extra Padded Shoulder Strap with Clip

Rugged Materials & Construction:

  • Waterproof Base: 3mm Injection Molded Polypropylene
  • Waterproof Body Fabric: 1200 PVC Impregnated Denier Nylon
  • Waterproof Tool Pocket Fabric: 1200 PVC Impregnated Denier Nylon
  • Handle: Webbed handle with over-molded rubber grip
  • Zippers: Double Stitched, Heavy Duty Plastic Coil Zippers with Oversized Zipper Tabs
  • D-Rings: Powder Coated Steel
  • Rivets: 38 zinc, marine grade rivets
  • Stitching: Industrial Strength Double Nylon Stitching
  • Warranty: 5 Years (see Veto warranty terms and conditions)



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